About Us

46 years later

We would like to introduce you to Kemal'in Yeri Restaurant.

We work to please our guests with the opportunities we offer and serve with the awareness of hosting your most special moments.
Kemal’s Yeri Restaurant operates in the Iskele district. You can come to Kemal’in Yeri, which offers easy transportation to its guests, with your private vehicles as well as by public transport. You can also come by taxi.
Our restaurant, which was established in 1975, has been serving with the experience of being in this sector for a long time. Kemal’in Yeri, which does not stray from the principle of customer satisfaction for a moment, has spent more than 40 years successfully. Thanks to the harmonious work of the experienced management staff and friendly service personnel, you will complete your night without any shortcomings. They will take care of you throughout the night and try to meet all your requests as quickly as possible. Since we are a family business, the energy given by our sincerity and smiling face will also pass on to our guests.

Our restaurant, located by the sea, was designed as a wooden structure.

You will notice that even the tables and chairs are wooden in our facility, which provides its natural appearance in every detail. You can choose the place you want for your organization in our facility, which has indoor and outdoor areas. We can combine tables and chairs for our guests and turn them into a long, thin table.
Are you ready for pleasant moments with our delicious meals? We are at your service with the freshest seafood and kebab varieties prepared by our expert chefs who have been in this sector for a long time. We are sure that we will appeal to the taste of all our guests and delight them with our delicious meals.
You can easily reach Kemal’in Yeri Restaurant, which has been operating for a long time and has made itself a brand with its quality and hospitality, from the addresses below, you can make reservations and get support

Our Restaurant Received Best Atmosphere and Most Recommended Badges

Kemal’in Yeri Restaurant has been awarded ‘Best Atmosphere in Trikomo’ and ‘Recommended on Restaurant Guru’ badges by Restaurant Guru based on customer reviews.
We are honored to share this news with you, our valued customer.